Friday, March 14, 2008

Resolutions Revisited

So it's the middle of March now, a time when most people can't even remember what they resolved to accomplish in the new year. Me included! Good thing I blogged about it. To quote, uh, myself:

1) Find a way to pay my bills.

2) Drink less pop.

3) Volunteer my time in person.

4) Multitask less.

I think I've got the first one figured out. Not so much the rest of them. That's disappointing. Time to prioritize!

How are you doing with your resolutions?

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jen x said...

As I drink my zilionesth diet soda of the day and do about 6 things as once . . . for volunteering, have you looked at NY Cares ( They have a lot of one-off projects, so you can sort of try them out. I volunteered with them years ago -- reading to kids at a low-income preschool, doing a couple clean-up days in parks downtown, painting a computer lab for an afterschool program in the East Village, stuff like that.

Holly said...

I don't make resolutions, which is a damn good thing since I know I wouldn't keep them, anyway.

Hops said...

Jen - Thanks! I will def make use of that site. I feel like I missed out on a good opportunity to volunteer more when I wasn't working, but at the time I could barely muster the ambition to get the mail.

Holly - I should've known better. I never really made them before, for the exact same reason. My goal is to not make resolutions next year.