Thursday, March 27, 2008

Give your money to strangers

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Today I gave like 65 cents to some lady on the subway who played what looked like a cross between a bagpipe and a recorder. (It sounded horrible. I like the mariachi guys way better.) It's something I try not to do, because as a hard-working American, I feel like I have the right to determine whether or not people "deserve" the money I've worked so hard for.

My recent unemployment stint has taught me a lot about how much money I really need to get by (answer: not much) and now that I'm working, I suddenly feel like I have all this extra cash laying around. And I want to spend all of it. I realized that I still dress like a college student and I could use a new pair of running shoes and omg I need a $5 latte right now.

So I need to figure out something better to do with my money. My current blog-crush, Jen at Daily Mitzvah, has started a charity piggy bank, which I will be appropriating in short order. I'm also verrry open to other ideas. Can you think of another way for me to do something good with my money?

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Anonymous said...

Save for retirement.
Save for emergencies.
Save for a home, car or any other large $ purchase.
Save, Save, Save...

Sorry thats the financial counselor in me!

ooo Save for a vacation! that would be hot, can i hear the ocean?

Hops said...

Haha ok. Those are all good ideas and I have plans for them as well. Promise. I may even start a "future unemployment" savings account, because like the kids that grew up in the depression, I am now and forever convinced that it's all going to come crashing down at any second. Yay!