Monday, March 10, 2008

We are listening

Guess what! WE ELECTED THIS WOMAN! (Well, Oklahoma did, but still...) If we allow hatemongers to represent us, then we are hatemongers ourselves. If you're outraged by this, write your representative and demand a House Censure.

Update: Pam at Pandagon posted (alliteration!) some great insight on this. Check it out!

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Michael T said...

oh, man..

the scary part is, she almost sounds reasonable, except that what kind of facts does she use to back up her claims? i mean, every society that has accepted homosexuality has fallen within a couple decades? what is that? is she trying to reference rome? i admit to not knowing much about rome, but i was never taught that the fall of rome was due to rampant acceptance.

i love the part where she goes on and on about how our two year olds are being indoctrinated into a practice of acceptance. the horror!

Hops said...

HAHA - Maybe they were too PC for their own good. BTW, I just updated with a link to Pandagon, which sheds some additional light on the sitch.