Monday, March 31, 2008


At the request of my blog-friend, Rapparee from Sex Sells, I thought I wouldn't leave you all hanging about the triumphant end of my job search. I tried to sneak it into Good Humanity Sunday from a few weeks ago, but he caught me.

So just to recap, I lost my ever first grown-up job waaaaay back in December. And it sucked. I was also naive enough to think that my former boss wouldn't inhibit my new job search, costing me an excellent opportunity with a company I really admire. Dumb, I know.

Then while in the midst of fighting over unemployment benefits with my former company, (see a pattern of asshole behavior here?) I picked up a freelancing position at a really cool youth marketing agency. And by really cool, I mean too cool for me. I was so not trendy enough to work there. But they let me roll in at like 10:30 and I had complete control over the work I did, so I didn't mind being the only girl not wearing those ridiculous neon tights as pants.

The boyfriend, who is lucky enough to work in a job that offers overtime, was working 6 days a week to make up for my lost income. By mid February it was starting to wear on him. Dealing with me in a constant state of disappointment wasn't easy either. But he did it all without complaining or blaming me. And he absolutely kept me going when I let myself get frustrated.


So throughout all this, I was still looking for a full-time J-O-B. I tapped out most of my linkedin network and used Monster and craigslist as well. I even looked in the newspaper classifieds. (It felt old-timey and weird.) After seeing their ads during the Superbowl, I threw up my resume on CareerBuilder and then didn't give it much thought.

But a VP of human resources at my new job was using CareerBuilder to fill a position in a department due to a large growth of new business. (good sign: business growing despite recession) He liked my resume enough to call me in for an interview with the team, which went great. And then... nothing for like a week. He called back to tell me that they were in the midst of "reassessing the needs of the department" so it would take them some time for them to get back to me. Naturally, I thought he was giving me the runaround and I almost wanted to tell him that he should just be up front with me instead of stringing me along. I was mad.

Then another week went by and I realized that this was a place I really wanted to work at. I had gone on a lot of interviews since I didn't get that other job and this was the first one that I was really excited about. I sent over samples of the freelance work I was doing and reiterated my interest. And lo, I got a call back! And they wanted me! So I wrapped up my freelance work and started up last week.

Now, I can't tell if my first job was so horrendously bad or if this job is just fantastically good. I will reserve judgment until I at least can remember everyone's names. However, I just have to mention that my boss was considering taking on new business and she asked us, her subordinates, what we thought. I was really floored to have my opinion even considered, let alone sought out.

My birthday isn't for a couple of months, but I'm thinking that this is the chocolate fountain celebration type of job. Yay! (Watch video to understand what I just said.)

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Michael T said...

That sounds awesome. I hope you really got a chocolate fountain.

Actually, just get some chocolate syrup and put it in a regular fountain. That'd be way better and practically the same, all at once.

PS. Why didn't you just get some neon tights and blend in? You're totally that type of girl, you chameleon!

Anonymous said...

congrats!! That is quite a journey! I think you got lucky in your new job because in most jobs the management don't care about the little people. good on you!

Anonymous said...

Finaly, you were trying to be sneaky!!! There was no way you can post like a million times about not having a job, then put on post up and in that one post a one liner that said oh yeah i have a job... come on you have to do better than that! Thank you for satisfying our curiosities, And a big congratulations is in order of course. I know you will do great, and that guy of yours sounds like a keeper so put an ankle bracelet on him so he doesn't hide in the future.

P.S. I hope that you keep on posting and stay in touch now that you have a job, don't forget us bloggers.

Michael T said...

haha PLEASE give him an ankle bracelet. better yet, give him a house arrest ankle bracelet. one time i jumped off a bridge with a guy who was wearing one of those. they give you instant bad-ass credibility.

Hops said...

Yay thanks guys!

If I wanted to, I could def keep track of the bf through some stalker function on our cell phones. But I'm not that crazy/haven't figured how to use it yet.

Emily said...

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