Monday, March 24, 2008

Good Humanity Sunday - the late edition

Here's some proof of good humanity: no reanimated corpses of dead messiahs tried to eat all our brains yesterday. I think we can all agree that this is a good thing. Stay save, everyone!

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Michael T said...

I had no idea Zombie Jesus Day was upon us--you're supposed to remind me of all benchmarks religious.

By the way, did you mean "stay safe" or "stay saved"? (Or I guess there's a third option of "stay save," but that doesn't make much sense to me.)

Anonymous said...

Great one, I tought i knew all the holy jokes, but I had never ventured the zombie route, now you have opened a new horizon for me thanks!!!

Hops said...

I meant "stay safe," but I like the implication of "stay saved." Zombie Jesus is so great.

Also, photo credit to Jared von Hindman. More fun stuff from him here. But this one might be my fave.

Michael T said...

wow. your favorite one is really harsh.

and i like it.

Holly said...

That picture is hilarious!