Sunday, March 2, 2008

Good Humanity Sunday 3/2/08

As part of my ongoing search for proof of good humanity, I thought I would share this gem, which I found on Consumerist. Basically, Staples tried to rip off this old guy for computer repairs and this guy Michael stepped in and fixed it for him for free!

The senior, who had been lulled into Staples for a free tune up that suddenly cost $39.99, didn't understand why he needed to spend money on a "diagnostic screening ($49.99), virus removal services ($150), and more RAM (~$150)." Michael intervened and offered to look at the computer free of charge. He couldn't believe what he found when he popped open the computer.

Great story. Go read the rest. It's a cautionary tale and proof of good humanity all rolled into one!

In an attempt to bring some kind of stability to my posting schedule, I'm going to try to start (or end, depending on your calendar) your week off right with some proof of good humanity every Sunday. If you've found some on the interwebs, or would like me to post your good humanity story (maybe like my Subway Hero!) drop me an email at beagoodhuman11 at gmail dot com. I love to read them!

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Cool idea!

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