Thursday, April 17, 2008

The times, they are a-changin'

Those of us with common, easy-to-pronounce names are doomed to be unoriginal. And I have to admit, I came up with this blog idea on a whim after staying up late one night, freaking out after watching too many news programs. I wanted to write about how we're treating each other and the impact we're having on the world.

Turns out, someone beat me to it. The Good Human is all about how to live more sustainably and respectfully and be, well, a good human. If you haven't checked it out yet, go there right now. RIGHT NOW.

So in an effort to stop the confusion, I'm going to make some changes. And I need your help! If you have any ideas for a new blog name, please, by all means, leave them in the comments or email them to me at beagoodhuman11 at gmail dot com. I will post a poll with the ones I like the best in a few days and expect to go live with the new site on May 1st.

And now, Bob Dylan:

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Michael T said...

I have to read more of that site.

On the other hand, he can't beat the acronym BaGH.

Do what you must, but I don't think I'll be participating in this new-name drive.

Geoff said...

Be a Good Human Being
Be a Good Person
Be Good

Sorry I can't think of any good ones. I've always thought this was a good name for this blog.

jen x said...

Aww, I *like* Be A Good Human. Do you definitely need to change? The two blogs are very different.

I'll keep thinking -- right now all I have are lame puns on "Hops."

Michael T said...

yeah! how about "Hops Scotch: intoxication for the active intelligence."

Anonymous said...

hmmm hops something, i like it lets see: a better worl for hop. lol that would be cool or: hop's world! or Captin Hop, from captain earth! oooo saving the world one hop at a time!!! too long i know but that's a pun and all... i'll think more about it good luck!

Holly said...

The first thing that popped into my head was '' but sadly, it is taken...and sitting there, rotting, which is ridiculous since you could have it! Stupid domain buying people who buy domains and just let them sit there. Ironic how they chose to take that domain name. Anyway, good luck on thinking up a new name.

Hops said...

Thanks everyone! This is way harder than I thought it would be! I'm going to put up a poll tomorrow, so please come back and vote!