Sunday, April 13, 2008

Good Humanity Sunday - 4/13/08

I love old people. Seriously. They have seen and done so much. Even if you spent hours with them every day, you still wouldn't be able to take in the breadth of their life experiences. Woah.

But the way they represent the inevitable end of life never fails to make me feel all introspective and sad. Take this guy that I found via Boing Boing, for example. He's 80 years old and calls his late wife's voicemail every day just to hear her voice.

Until, of course, Verizon changed their voicemail system and the voicemail message was lost.

But Verizon made it right by retrieving another message that she left, so he can continue to call it, hear her voice, and feel a little closer to her even though she's gone.

Send me your proofs of good humanity! If you've found some on the interwebs, or would like me to post your good humanity story (maybe like my Subway Hero!) drop me an email at beagoodhuman11 at gmail dot com. I love to read them!

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Michael T said...

Aww, that's so cute/sad.

Way to go, Verizon!

Hops said...

Word. This was a great PR move for Verizon.