Sunday, April 6, 2008

Good Humanity Sunday - 4/6/08

Guys, I'm not sure if you know this, but Wal-Mart is a Hellmouth. Seriously. They do bad things.

So it feels so strange and wrong and alternate universe-y to be writing about them for Good Humanity Sunday. But whatev. Watch my tv crush Keith Olbermann tell us what they did. (Skip to 1:28.)

That's right. Brain damaged and unable to care for herself, with memory so spotty that she must be reminded that her son is dead every single day and Wal-Mart tried to rob her of everything she has.

But they finally conceded (thanks mostly to all the press that Countdown got for continuing to run this story every night until Wal-Mart backed down) and stopped seeking the money Shank needs to live on:

I'm thrilled that Wal-Mart was finally shamed into doing the right thing here. This is proof, albeit maddeningly slow and only after they couldn't stand all the negative press, that somewhere in the dark bowels of their corporate office/hell on earth in Bentonville, AR, there is good humanity. Now if only they'd start paying a decent wage, stop discriminating against women in their promotion policies, quit selling products made from Chinese slave labor, start offering an affordable health care plan so their employees wouldn't need medicaid, stop bullying their way into small town America and closing down all the local businesses that can't compete with their prices, and LET THEIR WORKERS UNIONIZE, then we'd really be getting somewhere.

Send me your proofs of good humanity! If you've found some on the interwebs, or would like me to post your good humanity story (maybe like my Subway Hero!) drop me an email at beagoodhuman11 at gmail dot com. I love to read them!

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CC said...

yeahh ok i admit this is bad but walmart is NOT as BAD as you say.. and like you said they stopped seeking teh money so who caress?

Michael T said...

CC: What do you mean, not as bad as she says? Are you suggesting that they do pay a decent wage? That they don't sell products made way too cheaply overseas? That they don't force out local businesses? That their workers are, in fact, allowed to unionize?

Be a little more specific, please. Because maybe you're going to provide this week's proof of good far, this Walmart story has only made me sad to know that the issue existed to begin with, not relieved that it has somehow been settled.

Hops said...

CC - haha really? Please see Michael's comment for my thoughts on this subject.