Sunday, April 27, 2008

Good Humanity Sunday - 4/27/08

Happy Earth Week! Did you plant a tree on the 25th? Did you turn off your TV?

This week's Good Humanity Sunday is a collection of some excellent Earth Week-related posts that I've found.

Why BPA is bad and how you can avoid it.

Earth Day photos in Oakland.

Enough with the plastic bags already!

Recycling also applies to kitchen appliances, y'know.

And finally, stay educated about the dirty greenwashing schemes meant to fool consumers like you and me.

Send me your proofs of good humanity! If you've found some on the interwebs, or would like me to post your good humanity story (maybe like my Subway Hero!) drop me an email at beagoodhuman11 at gmail dot com.

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Michael T said...

Wish I had known about earth week beforehand... That's not entirely your fault, though.

I didn't expect to like the Oakland photos so much. Good find!

Holly said...

I remember in grade school they would send us home with a tree every year. I remember planting them all, especially the one in my great-grandparent's back yard when I was in the first grade. Every time we would visit I would have to go and see my tree. They're dead now, I haven't seen my tree in years...Wonder how it's doing.

Hops said...

Michael, I was surprised, too. Fake Plastic Fish is a great blog.

Holly, I'd like to think that your tree provides abundant shade and clean air.