Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Silver linings, etc

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This has been a hard week. Turns out, I was wrong in my assumption that I would just bounce back after getting canned. My egomaniacal idea that my vast skillset would translate easily into the non-profit sector proved false when I realized that I don't really have a skillset. That superhot guy is avoiding me again and I think it's because my ex badmouthed me. The bf has been working 6 days/week to make up for my lost income and I miss him. Brad. Heath. Republicans.

It's probs just my hysterical uterus and I just need to buck up.

At least I still have all my lady parts. And I have a truly awesome, selfless bf, who hasn't complained once about all the extra hours he's working. I'm still able to line up job interviews and I have another one tomorrow. I get to spend some real quality time with my beta fish, Gene McGranagan. Turns out, my neighborhood is a lot of fun to walk around while everyone else is at work. Netflix. My RSS reader. Facebook.

Update: I was wrong; I am FUCKING AWESOME. I let the situation get me down and I let the dirty, underhanded tactics of my petty former employer make me think that I'm less than I am. Anyone know a good lawyer?

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Anonymous said...

It's ok! You will find something, just hang in there. The economy is doing really bad right now and we are in a recession, no matter how much they deny it. Also the other day an article from a great website, (which i should start saving and posting so everyone can read) was saying that the top 7 jobs for 2008 were all jobs you did not need a college degree for. #1 was waiters.
Thats sad, it shows you how the economy will get. My advise is to get a job, any job that is in any field as long as it's a salary job. Even consider a bank teller, you meet a lot of people and good benefits. Then keep searching for a better job, but just hang in there.
You Can Do It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It is so easy to wallow in self-pity, so it is good to see that you have some perspective on your situation. Keep your head up.

Anonymous said...

Aawww cheer up!!

Hops said...

Thanks everyone. Rapparee, that's great advice! Sorry about the drama.

Rybu said...

good luck. GO show 'em what you got!

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