Wednesday, January 2, 2008

What did you do for New Year's?

I went on a dinner-and-a-movie date with the bf. We saw Juno, which is good, if a bit simplistic. And no 16 year old talks like that. They're simply not that clever. All my home friends think I'm crazy for not going to Times Square. I don't really understand the allure of being fenced in like herded animals, standing around in the cold. I also don't really get the ball drop. What's that all about anyway?

2007 was a pretty big year for me.
-I officially became the most educated person in my entire extended family by graduating from college. That was kind of exciting. Then I moved away from almost all my friends and fam and now it's kind of boring.

-My bf and I hit the 3 year mark and escaped all the "When are you two gonna get hitched?" questions unscathed. (One time, we went to our local big-box store and we were waiting in the checkout line and I put my arms around him and gave him a big kiss because we do that and everyone always gags and tells us to get a room. Then this guy came up to us and tapped on the bf's shoulder and handed him a business card. He said, "You look so nice together. Give me a call if I can be of service." And his card identified him as a pastor. Creepy! And very sweet! I found it in the bf's stuff while we were packing to move here and got all misty that he kept it. True story.)

-I gave my little sister a great xmas that she bragged to all her little friends about.

I never really make New Year's resolutions because think they're kind of lame. Or maybe I'm kind of lame. I dunno. Here is a half-hearted attempt:

1) Find a way to pay my bills. Whether that's getting a job, opening a brothel, or selling my eggs, I don't really care. The sooner the better.

2) Drink less pop. It's a sick, sugary addiction that I kicked once, only to have it come roaring back. Yuck.

3) Volunteer my time in person. I'm still excited about the RAINN online hotline, although I haven't finished the training yet. But I'd like to, y'know, interact with live people. I used to spend so much time at work and now in my job search in front of a computer. It makes my eyes burn and also makes me forget how to converse with people right in front of me. Which reminds me:

4) Multitask less. Paying a little bit of attention to 800 different things doesn't get any of them done. I can see that when I'm being objective about it, but I have a hard time doing anything about it.

Not a very exhaustive list. Do you have any good resolutions that I can piggy back on?

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Geoff said...

No weight loss resolution?

Hops said...

Hey now! What are you implying?

I don't really feel like resolving to lose weight. I don't have the ambition for it yet.