Thursday, January 17, 2008

Misogyny in office supplies

Inspired by this post from The Curvature and this one from Days in a Wannabe Punk's Life I bring you this from the loathsome ad agency that represents Axe body spray:

See what they did there? You're not just surfing the net, you've got your whole fist up some disembodied whore's skirt! Click those buttons; scroll that little wheel thing; you know she likes it! After all, she's got no mouth to tell you no and no hands to fight back. Ha! Ha!

In my estimation, Axe users not only smell like cheap man-perfume, they're misogynistic assholes, too. Definitely NOT proof of good humanity. If you can't boycott all Unilever products, banning the purchase of the crappy Axe line is a good start. Being a good human means not supporting ones that aren't.

Ugh, disgusting. Source.

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Michael T said...

Actually, I just take all my cues from you.

I really like the creative advertisements. I particularly love the "Life's too short for the wrong job" machines. I really don't like the mousepad. I almost do--but it's one of those ideas about which the thinkers should have said, "Ha, that might bring in some money...but mostly it's going to give people the wrong ideas."

Not so sure it encourages rape, but it sure does encourage lecherous thoughts.

Having a mousepad like that is akin to leaving your porn out on the coffee table. (Or next to the toilet.)

I use Axe body wash! I can't help it that I want to be an irresitable sex object. I can help it that buying liquid soap is more damaging to the environment according to the Green Book, and therefore I'll be buying a bar of soap next time.

I'll make sure it's not a bar of Axe soap.

Anonymous said...

Hey relax babe! Maybe PMS is clouding your judgment, but your making mountains out of molehills here.

Hops said...

Michael, I guarantee that if you want to be an irresistable sex object, Axe products will have the opposite effect you're looking for. Yuck.

Anon, thank you so much for stopping by.

letti said...

ooo that's kinda creepy.

Michael T said...

haha yes!! I love it when things are blamed on PMS. I hope everyone realizes that the entire feminist movement can be easily proven to be caused by PMS. That's why, when girls aren't on the rag, they retract all those ridiculous feministy things they said.

(please don't be offended by the fact that I called it 'on the rag.' if you are offended, though, I suggest you give it a couple days and see how you feel when your emotions are a little more balanced.)

Hops said...

Letti - I know right!

Michael - Your wisdom is astounding. Also, "on the rag" is a little crass; I prefer "bleeding from my vag."

CateJ said...

Personally I like "bleeding axe wound" or "gushing from my gash"