Saturday, January 26, 2008

New to the RSS reader

Newly added to my RSS reader this week are these three blogs:

Are We At War With Iran? Good Question.

The Essentia Sphere - Unfortunately, this blog turned off comments, which is understandable when there are posts like this to make assholes angry.

feminist_rage - Ok so, I don't know anything about Live Journal, but this is a community in it and I only discovered it when I was getting a bunch of links from it. But it's a good read, especially when you're feeling all Womyn Power!

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Geoff said...

I like the video. You should use youtube more. Oh and the war with Iran link made me lol.

Hops said...

Geoff! You're back! I thought I lost you when I went underground for a few days.

Point def taken about the videos. They do make teh interwebs more exciting.

Holly said...

The Feminist Rage community looks awesome, I bookmarked it. I don't touch LiveJournal anymore, but there are a few damn good communities on there when you can get past or outright avoid the 15 year old drama pages. Thanks!

Hops said...

Holly, I've heard that about Live Journal, which has kept me away. Good thing there's Google Analytics or else I never would've known such a great community exists!

Geoff said...

Luckily I have you in my RSS feed.

Kris said...

Tedy Bruschi is the most amazing human, ever. He speaks 38 languages.

Michael T said...

i liked the feminist rage site. only a little. because too much of it made me feel angry at them for hating on men just for being men.

but i figure, sometimes, that's probably exactly what you gotta do, when you're in the right company.


Michael T said...

speaking of adding things to your blog, zombie z has a sidebar of "recent comments," which is maybe exclusively a thing, but i'd like it if you had that so i wouldn't have to go back and check all the old comment areas. because i just did and i saw that comment on "how to make people think you like them" and the envelope idea seemed like a stellar idea, and i want that kind of thing to be more obvious.

and you obvs need to cater to my wants.

since you were always an excellent caterer.

Hops said...

Michael, I'm like a damn genie. I'm sorry you used your only wish on some dumb recent comments widget. Hopefully the next person I'm lucky enough to grant a wish to will be a little more creative.