Thursday, January 31, 2008

Blogs I hate

Welcome to the dark side of the internet. In no particular order, here are just a few sites that I read for pure, masochistic glee.

Insight on Freedom - It's almost as if this is a joke, like some guy decided to make a blog combining every single hilarious stereotype of the American conservative. Just the right column alone, there are predictable proclamations toward bombing Iran, hatred of immigrants, against universal healthcare, and pride at being the descendant of a Confederate soldier. Yikes.

Arthur's Hall of Viking Manliness - Someone has a small penis.

Townhall - It's a nice consolidation of "middle of America" conservative opinions. Y'know, the kind that believed the swiftboaters, want to teach intelligent design, and are concerned that teh gayz will somehow ruin their marriage by getting married themselves.

Freedom's Watch - Heavy on the patriotic theme. Note the red, white & blue colors, the flag superimposed over an image of the US, the EAGLE. They've also got the typical Reagan-fellating conservative thing going, which is pretty annoying. But then they go above and beyond with "Big Labor's Radical Agenda." As if workers unions are the ones that are outsourcing manufacturing jobs and leaving American towns devastated when their main job source is shuttered and moved to China.

God Hates Fags - Imaginary deities don't have feelings.

GodTube - It's like YouTube, but for Jesus. The vid below is a great example of specific demographic that this site targets. It seriously made me LOL.

Musings of a Maniac
- The title says it all really. Obsessed with American Idol, secret crush on Hillary Clinton, and the most dumbed down, regurgitated right wingnut malarkey I've seen in quite some time.

Concerned Women for America - Y'know, it's really disgusting when a man perpetrates a misogynist agenda, shielded by religion - that it's "god's will" that women should stay at home and raise the family, "defer to her husband's leadership," have no reproductive choices whatsoever because they're simply "vessels," holding tanks or storage lockers for his children. It's even more loathsome to see women wreak this kind of havoc on each other.

Exodus International - Jesus will save you from your dirty homo lifestyle. That's seriously what this site is about. No joke.

World Net Daily - These people love guns, Ann Coulter, labeling everyone that isn't a white christian a terrorist, etc. All under the extremely specious label of "free press."

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transfattyacid said...

They all speak very highly of you...

Hops said...

Ha! I suppose it's easy to hate those that oppose everything you believe.

Michael T said...

I don't get it...what do you have against the behemoth video? makes sense to me. i mean, did you ever even read genesis? it does say god created all land dwelling animals on the sixth day.

never mind that it goes on to give a contradictory account of creation.

(i just finished leviticus this morning. on to numbers. i am really dreading this stupid census book.)

Hops said...

Oh Michael, sarcasm doesn't translate well online. Have you gotten to all the begatting? I'll be honest; I skipped most of that.

Michael T said...

i find myself taking a sick masochistic pleasure in forcing myself to read every. single. stupid. word, so that when i say "i read the bible," i can add, "yeah, and all the begatting, too."

ps. i had hoped the comment about the 2 genesis stories would've highlighted my sarcasm...but you're right, i should avoid it.

Maniac said...

I could not be more complimented by your endorsement. The fact that I irritate you that much is just what I'm aiming for.

Thanks and a shout out!!!

Hops said...

Maniac - Although we disagree completely, I'm happy to see you have a good sense of humor.

Maniac said...

See - not all conservatives want to spew at you with fire and brimstone at the behest of the All Mighty.

But I must admit. I am totally hot for Hillary. You nailed me on that. There is nothing better than old lady.


Arthur said...

Well considering the company I am keeping here I am proud. My site is probably a bit more professionally done and more directed but I accept my lot. It is men like you that I am trying to help. I know that not all men accept my assistance in becoming a man and not a feminized boy. Thank you for hating my site! BTW, I love the "if you are a real man, you must have a small penis joke"..quite original!

Dan said...

If for some rediculous reason I ever seem to forget, then there are so many easy little things such as 'descendant of a Confederate soldier' or someone mentioning the book of Genesis that remind me how much I love you.

Hops said...

Arthur - glad I could give you a boost in pride! The penis joke was not my best work to be sure, but it was such an obvious zinger that couldn't be avoided.

Dan - Thanks so much for that. You're pretty great, too.

Erik said...

I'm glad I didn't make your blogroll.

stickpaste said...

can you say you hate my blog even if secretly you don't, so i can get some pub? say horrible things, by all means. as long as they're funny. and sort of true.

love the unchecked aggression. and yes, those blogs all have small penises.

Hops said...

Erik - not yet anyway! :)

Stickpaste - You got it. I promise to devote special attention to you the next time I'm feeling particularly linky. Love your poetry, btw.

S. said...

You know, I have had the misfortune of seeing many of the blogs you mention.

(It's a toss up as to which is the most repulsive... but the allegedly 'christian' ones have to get the worst marks)

I used to wonder if it were merely my cynical, bitter and twisted inner self playing up again, making me shudder with nausea at them.

So I'm relieved to find out it's not just me.

Keep up your good posts. Much appreciated

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