Friday, December 7, 2007

Internet Volunteerism II

I (unshockingly) passed the background check! Now I've got a lot to do before I can volunteer for RAINN's online hotline. It's a total of 40 hours of training, stretching all the way into February. Here's what I have to do next:

1) 10-hour online tutorial about rape and sexual assault
2) 10-hour online training program specifically about the Online Hotline
3) 14-hour in-person training which will be held on February 2-3, 2008.
4) 6-hours of supervision

It all sounds so intense and probably very uncomfortable. But y'know what? I'm excited! It feels good to have a goal with clearly laid out steps to achieve it. I'm going to start this weekend. Relevant updates to follow.


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Geoff said...

Cool. You sound pretty serious about this. I wonder, how do you know that the person sending you messages won't be lying?

Hops said...

Well Geoff, that's not exactly how I'm looking at the situation. I believe the instances of false reporting of a sex-related crime are way over-reported by the media and just because a handful of people need attention so badly that they would lie, doesn't mean that everyone else's real reports are invalidated.

Michael T said...

Not only that, but if they need the attention badly enough to lie about it, then I think it's quite a good charitable effort to give them some attention.

Way to go. Proof of good humanity: you getting going on this.