Friday, December 7, 2007

Fiscally responsible charity

A while back, I lamented on my lack of knowledge of charities, namely which ones are worth giving to. Jean Chatzky wrote an informative piece in Money Magazine with some answers from a dry, financial perspective. She says, "Fiscally sound groups are more likely to be effective." So right. Now if only I understood WTF else she's talking about.

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Michael T said...

I gleaned three things from her article.

Number 1: Check out (Sweet, we're ahead of the curve!)

Number 2: You want your potential charity to spend a good bit of its money on its programs, rather than on its workers...but don't overemphasize that as your only criteria.

Number 3: Ask your potential charity some quesitons. Get in some face time (and of course I mean phone time) and ask about their program goals and past successes.

I'm so glad the ball is rolling slowly forward on this charity process. Who knew giving away money would be so stressful? Take it a bit at a time and we'll end up with a charity to support for life.

Hops said...

Michael - you're the best! Can you break down everything in my life in enumerated, easy to understand lists?

Or y'know, pros and cons. Those are always helpful.