Friday, November 2, 2007

Planned Parenthood is Awesome

I'm a huge fan of Planned Parenthood. I used to go there when I didn't have health insurance and they gave me birth control pills for $15/pack. That's a good deal!

But besides the money I saved on pills, they saved me a lot more by making helping me choose not to have children. From their website, "For 90 years, Planned Parenthood has served women and men who want to decide when and whether to have a child — who believe that every child should be wanted and loved."

That's not to say that I wouldn't love a child. Duh - of course I would! But I definitely don't want one, not right now. I'm seriously considering getting rid of cable so I can have an extra $60 or so per month - there's no way I could afford a kid. And that's the thing, every child should be wanted and loved. Love isn't enough to raise a family.

But what I really like about PP is that they're more than just birth control and abortions. They offer a full range of reproductive health services to women in an honest, supportive, non-judgmental way. From what I've been told, the doctors and nurses there don't make whole lot of money, but they work there because they know they're providing an invaluable service.

I was just reading a PP sponsored blog, Emily X, "the true-life diary of a frontline Planned Parenthood worker and activist." It mostly features various PP doctors, nurses and volunteers talking about their interactions with protesters and picketers at their local health center. This was in response to anti-choice groups starting a picketing campaign from 9/26-11/4, called "40 days for life." The Nov 2 posting, from a doctor who practiced in the same clinic as Dr. Barnett Slepian isn't particularly riveting - it's just some guy talking - but when you think about it...holy shit! There was a very real chance that he could have been killed and yet he still went to work everyday to provide these services for women. That's ballsy. If I ever saw him out, I'm sure I'd buy him a drink.

In sum, Planned Parenthood is awesome. The people working there provide great services, even in the face of danger. You can find a local health center by going to their website. I just thought you should know.

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Anonymous said...

Are you serious??? Planed Parenthood shows exactly whats wrong with this country. I dont agree with killing anyone over it, like that doctor but im definately not sad hes dead. HE KILLED PEOPLE FOR A LIVING!!! IMHO he got what he deserved.

Hops said...

Here's something that took me a long time to figure out: We're allowed to disagree. You do not need to convince me.

If I had my way, more young women would be offered the choice of an abortion, instead of shackling themselves to a kid they can't afford. Poor, often single, mothers are at a distinct disadvantage in society. In addition to providing education and preventative services, Planned Parenthood also gives women the opportunity to get their lives in order before choosing to start a family.

While I thank you for your humble opinion, in MY humble opinion, I think PP is one of the things that's very right with this country, considering all of the supposed medical professionals who can just deny women access to medical procedures because of "morals." Those morals are just misguided, misogynistic, and aimed at depriving women of options to better their lives.

Kris said...

Sing it, sista.

Anonymous said...

Your arguement makes it seem like women dont have a chance at a good life if they have babies, like they dont have friends and family who can babysit while they go to night school and better there lives. its possible to be successful if you work hard wether you have kids or not! You dont have to kill them!!

Hops said...

If you are the same Anonymous, thank you for returning! If not, thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll check out some other posts and see that my goals are much broader than just abortion rights.

However, I would like to address your comment. I completely agree with you that it is possible to be a successful single parent with the help and support of family and friends. I actually know people who are or have been in the exact situation you described. However, I also know that it is a hard life, with a lot of sacrifices to be made. Dreams must be pushed aside for the sake of paying bills and putting food on the table.

To me, it's unconscionably selfish to have a child that you can't afford. Too many parents think about what they want by having a child, rather than what is truly best for the kid.

Do you have any savings? Do you have health insurance? Are you able to live without public assistance, including WIC and food stamps? If something happened and you couldn't work for a few weeks or even longer, would you still be able to pay your bills? Do you have a handle on your debt? These are serious questions that every potential parent, especially a single parent, should be able to answer in the affirmative.

Like I said before, love isn't enough to raise a family.

Anonymous said...

Always messing with hot button issues... someones gotta do it. remember the 'gonian women in sports fiasco? oh excuse me i have to retrieve my socks off of the floor. because you rocked them off with your gritty and valid opinions.

(this is miss wood if you were wondering)

Holly said...

I also love Planned Parenthood! There's so many people out there who are uneducated about Planned Parenthood and what they do, and so, since you seem to be attracting them already, I'll say it again--

NOT ALL PLANNED PARENTHOOD HEALTH CLINICS PERFORM ABORTIONS! Also, most of them do vasectomies for men. Oh no, we must kill all those evil vasectomy-performers, they are killing would-be-babies. *gasp*

I love your site, great post.

Hops said...

Kris, Miss Wood, Holly - thanks for the support! It's nice to know that not everyone is outta their damn mind.

fierce femme said...

Came through here by way of Menstrual Poetry. I love this post and the way you hand it to the naysayers. Reproductive choice rocks!

everylifematters said...

Just because you may not believe in the Lord doesn't mean He isn't real. Likewise, just because you don't believe you are COMMITTING MURDER, doesn't mean you aren't.