Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bloody rant

(Note: I edited this post on 11/30. I need to remember not to blog angry!)

Ok so back in the beginning of the month, I decided to organize an office blood drive. I called the NY Blood Center and set up a time and place. I then asked around my office to see if anyone would be interested. Turns out, no one was.

Then one person said she'd donate with me. Hooray! I happily made the appointments for this Friday. Only, 3 weeks later, now she's sick and on antibiotics. That's a blood donation no-no. So now it's only me again.

Today my boss decides that we should have a brainstorming lunch meeting on Friday and the exact time I'm scheduled to give blood. Dunno what to do. Skip lunch or skip donation?

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Anonymous said...

Skip the blood drive. You can give blood anytime but missing out on work is a big problem. Sounds like you're experiencing some job unhappiness. Fix that problem then try to save the world.

Hops said...

Wow. An anonymous commenter with something insightful to say! You're right, btw. I can give blood on my own time. Thanks for reading and for the great advice!