Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Be Thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving! Here at Be a Good Human, as is my wont, I will follow the trend and list what I have to be thankful for. You should too!

1) My smokin' hot bod. Well ok, I've actually packed on a few pounds and I don't exercise nearly as much as I want to, but so far, I haven't been confined solely to my bed. And here's something awesome: Extra weight = bigger tits! That's good for everyone!

2) Upwardly mobile career path. I've been "taking more initiative" at the office and I think it's starting to pay off. I'm getting more responsibility, which will conceivably lead to a promotion or at least a pay bump. It's nice to see that I'm getting somewhere.

3) Kickass BF. We've been together like 3 years and he's perfect for me. He's so chill. When I get all type A crazy girl, he evens me out. When I freak out that we spent more than $100 on groceries for the month (see: poor childhood) he tells me it's ok to eat more than once per day. (Photo from, duh)

4) My Dentist. I have TMJ like you would not believe. My insurance is spotty, at best (I blame Michael Moore) and the good doc is comping a lot of the services he would normally charge for. It almost makes up for the fact that his teeth are crooked. (SRSLY! WTF!)

5) Libraries. A seemingly unending supply of free books! How great is that?

6) Native Americans. You wouldn't know it by looking at me, but I am of American Indian descent. So I am thankful for my people, their casinos, cheap cigarettes and low gas prices. I'm also thankful they took those smallpox blankets and trail of tears in stride. I'm also thankful for the peyote. (jk jk jk)

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LOL that's a great pic.