Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Boss Signs Off

So I'm still really want to get a recycling program started in my office building, as we currently don't have one. I asked the accounting department if we're paying for recycling services that we're just not using. We're not, which kind of makes my goal a bit harder. I brought up the issue with my boss, an EVP in my company and the head of our office, and he responded very enthusiastically. Which is great!

Only, we're super busy at work right now, and it looks to continue this way until at least February. That means long hours and very little personal time to accomplish this goal. (Excuses, excuses.)

My next stop will be the building manager, who I chat with every morning while I wait for the elevator. Hopefully he'll be amenable to helping me.

I also need to get a hold of our lease and see who handles the trash disposal and how much it costs. This is a bigger undertaking than I anticipated.

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Michael T said...

I think this is important. Please keep pushing for it. If you end up getting it done, it'll be one check on the Pro side of your Being A Better Human list. Accomplishing goals is an important part of keeping on keeping on...if you get what I mean.

Hops said...

Hi Michael! Thanks for stopping by and for the support! You're totally right. Updates soon to follow - I promise.

Michael T said...

Since I haven't seen an update on this one in a while, I've got one from you. Yet another Green Book quote: "Recycle at your desk and in the office supply room. Just by recycling paper, offices can reduce by 50 percent the waste they send to landfills. This is a savings of thirty-three million tons--enough to save 561 million trees." ...I don't know what's up with that last statistic, and the references don't really back it up, but I do believe the 50 percent stat.