Tuesday, October 16, 2007


So last week I broke down just what it is that compels me to strive for goodness. And I've been thinking about what stops me.

1) Ignorance. I've said it before I need to find a charity to support. But which one? Why can't there be some kind of easy way to know what charities are reputable and deserving of my hard-earned money? What percentage of my donation will go towards the people/land/animals/diseases that I have intended?

2) Laziness. Of course my ignorance is borne of laziness. I could find all the answers to my questions if only I took the time to look them up. But my time is precious and I only have so much of it to spend watching Gossip Girl or whatever.

3) Selfishness. Out of my ignorant laziness is, of course, selfishness. How am I supposed to want to help others when I'm barely keeping my head above water? It's so easy to think about what I don't have (furniture!) or can't afford (vacation!) and it obscures what really matters.

Ugh. This was hard to think about. I suck.

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Anonymous said...

typical american

Hops said...

You're right! And I'm trying to change it. Tips and suggestions are welcome.