Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I do what I want

So, I've gotten some pretty interesting emails recently about the Blogs I Hate post. First, thank you for being angry enough to send them! I did notice a few common themes:

  • I'm a stupid cunt/whore/bitch/liberal.
  • I'm on the terrorists' side.
  • I should repent for my sins.
  • 9/11 was my fault.
  • I should go cook dinner and/or perform light house work and/or fellatio.
  • WTF does me bitching about conservatives have to do with being a good human?
All valid points. However, please let me address the last one. It's true, very little is accomplished by whining. And perhaps, my time would be better spent at the SPCA, cleaning shit out of cages. But y'know what? I don't give a shit.

If I see something that needs to be called out, I'm going to fucking call it out. Misogynist advertising included. Dumbass government decisions included. Wingnut blogs and websites definitely included.

I very much believe that part of being a good human is pointing out when someone isn't. So many people believe that Reagan was a great president. Only he was a fucking terrible president! He just told everyone, and the media told everyone that he was great, that the "trickle down theory" of bullshit economics works and everyone was stupid enough to believe it. And now after 20 years, after the veneer of time has piled on, obscuring the truth even more, today's Republican presidential candidates are invoking Reagan's name as laudable and worthy of emulating. Being able to fool people into thinking you're good doesn't make you good.

So I guess I'm hoping that if I can draw attention to issues and people that I believe are completely wrong, well maybe everyone else will stop for a second, for one goddamn second and think critically about it. Maybe they'll come to the same conclusion they already had, but at least they wouldn't have just lined up, like animals for the slaughter without second-guessing themselves first.

I believe good humanity thinks, questions, and is often unsure. Good humanity is angry when faced with proof of the opposite. Good humanity isn't going to shut the fuck up either.

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Anonymous said...

Those bastards, just piss me off, who are they to tell you all those bad things. Listen everyone has a right to make a freaking list, what harm could you have done to them, and for that they come after their feelings, well don't pay any attention to those assholes, damn if i'm pissed you must be livid( i like that word livid, i don't get to use it much)
I'm going to make a list like that and see if i get those results.

Anonymous said...

Cool it, babe. You seem to have a viscous case of moral superiority going on. Where does that come from and why do you alone have it?

Hops said...

Thanks for the support Rapparee!

Anon, I was tempted to just ignore you. Call it moral superiority if you want, but I don't think it's such a bad thing. Maybe it bothers you that I'm actively trying to become a better human, or that I point out those who aren't.

Anonymous said...

Your not any better than the people your "calling out".

Hops said...

Anon #2 - maybe you're right. Does that mean I don't get to express myself?

Michael T said...

You at least seem to know grammar better than the people you're calling out. Also.. Can cursing be considered proof of good humanity?

Hops said...

Michael - Zzzzing! You have a great ability to give me pause when I really get myself going. Just so you know, cursing can be considered indicative of my desire to push the thoughts out of my head quickly, without wanting to clean up my language and/or show off my undergraduate-level vocabulary.

Michael T said...

I couldn't really care less about your profanity (funny that I called it cursing, as though you're hexing the people..) except that I read somewhere that it is known to cause a drop in readership. You know how I worry about your readership...you're almost my only spot to hope to mooch readers from.

Also...thank you for putting me on to stumbling. I'm a huge fan.